Caring for seniors is a way of life for the Scharf family

For more than fifty years, four generations of Scharfs have provided residences for seniors that offer supportive living in a warm, congenial and home-like environment. The first Scharf family senior residence was founded in 1950 on the premise that seniors can continue to enjoy their lives even as it becomes difficult to live in their own homes, yet are not in need of the skilled care of a nursing home. We like to think of our residences as a ‘new home’ where seniors can enjoy all the freedom of an independent lifestyle, with none of the worries that accompany household management. Propelled by a deep-rooted tradition of respect for the elderly, the Scharf family is committed to providing a safe and secure environment that fosters dignity for each and every resident.

The Esplanade - Luxury Senior Residences - Assisted Living Senior Housing in Manhattan, Chestnut Ridge, White Plains and Palisades

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